Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics


The journal of South-to-North Water Transfers and Water Science & Technology has high ethical standards to ensure the high quality of scientific publications with originality. Therefore, the publishers, editors, authors, and reviewers must follow the highest level of professional ethics and standards when performing their own roles.


Responsibility for the publisher


The publisher is responsible for the smooth operation of the publication system, and provides support to the editors who direct the technical process of publication, to the authors who contribute their scientific work with originality, and to the reviewers who voluntarily take time to evaluate the submitted manuscripts.


Responsibility for the editor


The editor has the following responsibilities:

·      The editor should acknowledge receipt of the submitted manuscripts within a certain working days

·      The editor should ensure that all information of the submitted manuscripts are confidential

·      The editor should avoid processing manuscript if he/she has conflict of interest with any of the authors or institutions with reference to the submitted manuscript

·      The editor should ensure that all the submitted manuscripts are reviewed in a fair manner

·      The editor should has the right to make the final decision on whether to accept or reject the manuscript with reference to its significance and originality

Responsibility for the author


The author has the following responsibilities:

·      The author should follow the formats of texts, figures, and references required by the journal when submitting the manuscript

·      The author should ensure that the work demonstrated in the submitted manuscript is original

·      The author should not submit the same manuscript to different journals at the same time

·      The author should make clear references for all the external sources which are used for the technical support in the submitted manuscript

·      The author should give correct acknowledgement to all of those who have contributed to the submitted manuscript

Responsibility for the reviewer


The reviewer has the following responsibilities:

·      The reviewer should inform the editor if he/she will agree or decline to review the submitted manuscript in a certain working days

·      The reviewer should review the submitted manuscript in a fair and confidential manner, and perform the review process objectively

·      The reviewer should avoid reviewing the submitted manuscript if he/she has conflict of interest with any of the authors or institutions with reference to the submitted manuscript

·      The reviewer should complete the review process within the required time frame